Our Team

Company Overview

We're two engineers and a cat based in Huntsville, Alabama! We are dedicated to creating engaging games focused on player choices & layered with strategy.

Company Start

We've both been interested in games for awhile, but then we went to a 'How to make a board game' panel at Dragon*Con in 2015, made notes for Super Hack Override on the way home, funded on Kickstarter in October 2016, and now we're designing our next games! We would love to talk to you, so feel free to contact us in any way and our contact information is here.


Faster than a round of Love Letter, more powerful than a Plutonium Dragon, Carla lives and breathes games. Video games, board games, card games, dice games, reindeer games, these are her element. Like some sort of game-based fish, swimming in a sea of cardboard and meeples. As a Weird Giraffe, she turns her powers from winning games toward an even greater challenge: creation. If you talk to anyone online, you'll probably talk to Carla! She tweets and shares and loves talking to everyone about games!

Carla is the lead designer at Weird Giraffe Games, the webmaster, and runs all of the social media. If you're talking to anyone from Weird Giraffe Games, it'll probably be her!


Rocket Scientist by day, Game player by night, and pilot on the weekends, Nick's multiple degrees in Engineering makes him an expert at game design... in his own mind. Nick takes care of the business side of Weird Giraffe Games, from taxes to distribution.


Fluffins is the quality inspector cat of Weird Giraffe Games. He monitors our progress and makes sure it's up to Fluffins standards. Also, occasionally knocks things over.