Super Hack Override

Game Details

Player Count: 2-6
Playtime: 10-20 minutes
Age Range: 8+
Weight: Light
Release Date: Order now
Mechanisms: Hand Management, Player Elimination, Take That, Memory
Brief Description: Super Hack Override is a fast-paced card swapping game where you outsmart your opponents, 90s hacker-movie style. The game consists of 25 cards that comprise 11 different hacks, each of whom provide either protection, the power to proxy swap, or are government facilities.

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Game Overview

Super Hack Override is a fast-paced card swapping game for 2-6 players where you outsmart your opponents, 90s hacker-movie style. The game consists of 25 cards that comprise 11 different hacks, each of whom provide either protection, the power to proxy swap, or are government facilities.

It is far in the distant future: the year 2000. As the visionaries of the 1980s predicted, all facets of life from the government's most secretive mainframes to the local power grid and even your humble couch are connected to a vast network known simply as "The 'Work." The 'Work is the playground of hackers, extreme programmers who slide through systems like sharks through schools of oblivious fish. Vying with each other for the most epic hacks and constantly striving to stay one link ahead of the authorities, they wage secret cyberbattles unknown to the average user.

The most extreme of all hackers, the Supreme Super Hacker has discovered the ultimate hack: a way to merge with the machine; to become one with the 'Work. Before he transcends meatspace, the Supreme Super Hacker has decided to leave his hacker's stash, his legendary bag of hacker tricks, to the hacker who proves to be most worthy of his legacy. The only way to earn favor and prove yourself is to show off your skills by hacking the most difficult targets without being caught by the government and build enough notoriety to gain the approval of the Supreme Super Hacker himself. But watch out! Other hackers also dream of earning the honor and lie in wait out on the 'Work to do the same.

Super Hack Override is a fast-paced card swapping card game for 2 – 6 players, that plays between 10-30 minutes per game. Get to a certain amount of points based on the number of hackers playing or be the last hacker standing by causing your opponents to hack too many government facilities and getting caught by feds.

The game starts by passing out all of the cards and as you play your cards, you execute your hacks by placing the card face out in your hand. But be careful, once you’ve executed your hacks, your opponents know how you hacked and can hack it right back into your hand. Don’t have the cards you need to impress the Supreme Super Hacker? Just proxy swap your unwanted cards for any of your opponent’s cards! You can also proxy swap your opponent’s cards just to create havoc.

The government hacks are the most impressive and as such count for the most points, but if you hack three government facilities, the feds can triangulate your location and you’re out of the game. The less impressive feats of hacking, such as hacking your opponent’s computer goggles or their couch don’t count for much, but they have powerful effects, like forcing your opponent to use a certain card in their next turn or causing their turn to be skipped, plus allowing you to proxy swap. The middle value cards might be the most valuable in that they can provide protections against other specific cards, while getting you closer to hacker glory.

Super Hack Override can be played just about anywhere. All you need is the deck and 1-5 friends. It's the perfect game to play while standing in line, out with your friends, or in your regular game night. Super Hack Override is all about letting you decide.

Game Contents

  • 25 Base Hack Cards
  • 5 Expansion Hack Cards
  • 6 Player Reference Cards
  • 1 Game Reference Card
Other Components:
  • 1 Rules Sheet

Media About the Game


  • "I really enjoyed Super Hack Override and am highly impressed by the intelligence and simple beauty of the mechanics of this game. The thing that makes me love this game even more is that this is the first game from Weird Giraffe Games and what a solid first game it is. If they keep releasing games like this mark my words this will be a game company to watch." - Dez, Australian Tabletop Gaming Network (written)
  • "You could probably teach this game in less than five minutes. It’s very simple mechanically, so you shouldn’t expect anyone, regardless of experience, to have any trouble learning the game." - Married with Board Games (written)
  • "I truly look forward to seeing its appearance on Kickstarter later this year. I love that it is portable and can be played anywhere." - Krista, The Geek Girl Project (written)
  • "Super Hack Override is a light, quick card game with plenty of take-that opportunities. It riffs on the terribly, terrific hacker-culture clichés as if this was a 90s hacker movie, but in a good way. Anyone looking for a card battling, hacker-themed game will have a fun with SHO. " - The Indie Game Report (written)
  • "This game is awesome. If there ever was a secret battle between epic hackers set in the 90s, this is what it would be like." - Game Geek Ninja (written)
  • "It's got a neat theme, the art is evocative, it's cool! It's a fun little game, nice filler, something you can play on the go." - Edo (video)
  • "It's quick, easy to learn, it does what it's supposed to as a filler. I enjoyed it and hope you get a chance to check it out!" - Bearded Meeple (video)

Artist Information

Brian Walker

The graphic design and illustration for Super Hack Override was all done by Brian and you can find out more information at the following links: