Stellar Leap: Frontiers

Game Details

Player Count: 1-5
Playtime: 20 minutes per player
Age Range: 14+
Weight: Light to Medium
Release Date: Preorder
Mechanisms: Variable Player Powers, Modular Board, Dice Rolling
Brief Description:Stellar Leap: Frontiers brings in new Planets, Asteroids, Events, and Traits that you can add to the base game for all new experiences. Solar System Completion Bonuses are introduced and allow players to significantly change Solar Systems how they see fit.

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Game Overview

Stellar Leap: Frontiers adds another layer to the base Stellar Leap game and it's made for those who want to explore all reaches of the galaxy! It consists of resource focused planets, diverse asteroids, events that can either give or take away your available options, and traits that are more challenging than those in the base game, but that can seriously pay off, if you make the right choices!

The expansion also adds a new type of card: Solar System Completion Bonuses. These allow the player who completed a solar system to change that system in a significant manner. The expansion isn't large, but it's definitely significant!

Stellar Leap: Frontiers is suggested for those who want to explore the farthest frontiers of Stellar Leap.

Game Contents

  • 12 new Planet and Asteroids Cards
  • 6 Event Cards
  • 8 Trait Cards
  • 10 Solar System Completion Bonus Cards