Dreams of Tomorrow

Game Details

Player Count: 1-6
Playtime: 45 minutes
Age Range: 8+
Weight: Light to Medium
Release Date: Launching on Kickstarter October 1st!
Mechanisms: Set Collection, Rondel Movement
Brief Description: Warn the present by sending them Dreams of Tomorrow. You are a dream engineer who collects and uses dream fragments to strategically manipulate a shifting rondel to construct a dream sequence.

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Game Overview

Dreams of Tomorrow is a set collection shifting rondel game about building dreams for 1-6 players that plays in 45 minutes. Players are dream engineers trying to save their present by sending dreams to past. Longer dream sequences that are better connected have a higher chance of getting through to the dreamer, but there's also certain dreams that are more impactful than others. Dreams can also allow the dream engineer certain abilities, so all these aspects must be weighed when choosing what kind of dream sequence to create. The last round is triggered when any one dream engineer has added five dreams to their dream sequence.

  • Fast and Engaging Turns: Each turn involves moving on the rondel to take the action of your choice, which could give resources to your fellow dream engineers, so play moves quickly!
  • Shifting Rondel: Take advantage of the Dream Fragments you've collected to manipulate the rondel in your favor.
  • Pleasant Night VS Terrible Night: There's two main modes of play; Pleasant Night, where the players make all the changes to the rondel, and Terrible Night, where the Night Mare can upset the rondel and take actions out of your reach.
Turns are fast and player engagement is high as resources are gathered on each player's turn. Are you going to spend your resources to move quickly to the locations you need or will you use your abilities to get there, instead?

Game Contents

  • 44 Dream Fragment Cards
  • 8 Subliminal Cards
  • 6 sets of 4 resource tracking tokens
  • 6 Player Figures
  • 5 Reference Cards
  • 3 Night Mare Cards
  • 1 Night Mare Counter Card

Media About the Game


Reviews coming soon! If you're interested in getting a review copy, send an email to contact@weirdgiraffegames.com.

People Behind the Game

Designer: Chaos Storm Games

Illustration: James Masino

The illustration for Dreams of Tomorrow was all done by James and you can find out more information at the following link:

Editor: Calvin Wong

Calvin edited the rules, added the flavor text, and provided all the world building for Dreams of Tomorrow.